Understanding Recent Security Threats

I spend a great deal of time monitoring the ebbs and flows of security events that go on in the wild.  The recent spike in global activities makes it a great time to cover some of the recent security threats or issues you may run into.

The 3 most common events I am currently seeing:

  •         Global Hacks that expose a large number of users data
  •         Ransom mail (Emails)
  •         Official Looking Fishing Emails

Global Hacks that expose a large number of users data. Data breaches in 2015 have been some of the largest to date.  These attacks have focused on banks, health care companies, security companies and even a company that writes an application to protect your passwords.

What’s typically been taken?

First Name/Last Name

Social Security

Credit Card Data

Decrypted Password information

Personal Data (Phone Numbers, Where you Live..ect)

Some of this year’s breaches have impacted as many as 150 million users.  As you know from the information above, that’s enough to build a whole new you.

These types of events will continue to happen more and more often.  What is important is knowing how to best protect yourself.

Use a unique password for each website you visit.

While a complex password is useful, some of the best expert advice being given these days is to use longer passwords.  Taking a line from a favorite song, and stringing it together can make a long password that is hard to hack.  You can also add a number and a special character into this to make it even harder for someone to get.

You might find using something like:

Lyrics to “Lady” song by LIONEL RICHIE: Lady, I’m your knight in shining armor and I love you.

Could be turned into the password of: Imyourknightinshinningarmorandiloveyou9$

Yes, its long and you may not enjoy typing it (Note: There are programs that can help remember your passwords and feed them into sites, but do recall, one of the sites hacked this year was a company just like that).

Credit Monitoring Services

Many times when there is a breach like TJ Max, the company will provide you with 1 year of free credit monitoring.   Recent reports from the FBI have noted that most often, data from a breach is stored for up to 5 years before it’s sold or used.   So that 1 year of credit monitoring may do nothing for you.

You can get one free credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian) once every 12 months from annualcreditreport.com. However, this site doesn’t provide credit scores, or more specifically FICO® Scores.

Experts suggest that you check your credit at every three months, and would prefer that you go ahead and have alerts set for any new credit line that is opened under your name.  While they can be a cost (Normally between 12.99 to 29.95 a month) a number of nationwide credit monitoring services can provide this for you.  Many will offer you a free month, and when (if you call in to cancel, will offer you a reduced monthly fee if you agree to say a member, or you reference another site that has a lower cost).

Some companies to consider:

Privacy Guard



Life Lock

Identity Guard

Defining a credit monitoring service is pretty straightforward‚ as these programs literally keep a watchful eye over your credit report for you; but pinning down the myriad benefits of a credit monitoring service is a little more complicated. Some can only alert you to potential fraud taking place in your name‚ while others offer assistance in helping you resolve problems resulting from identity theft should it happen.

o   A good Identify Monitoring company should be watching thousands of sources of both legal and non-legal sources for your Identity, in addition to watching your credit reports.

  •         Address Monitoring

o   Watching those same sources as mentioned above, they look for documents and information that include data about your home.  This information could be from sources such as public legal filings.

  •         Lost Wallet Protection

o   If you have a number of cards and memberships, losing your wallet can mean going to a number of places to report your cards missing/stolen.   Some services will let you pre-add all of your cards and help in the process to cancel those cards.  Others will (from your credit reports) populate all the information that would be needed to help report these cards as missing.  It can take an all-night task, and make it 10 minutes.

  •         3 Credit Scores* with (At least) Quarterly Updates – my preference is for monthly

o   This is a primary source for finding out what’s going on with your credit health, so the more often its checked, the better.

o   If your identity is lost, there can be costs such as lawyers, document requests, court filings and other events that costs you money out of your pocket.  Most companies will offer between 25K and 1M in USD as “insurance” to help you in this process.  From recent reports posted online its often suggested to take between 500 hours and 3,000 dollars to recover, however I consider this amount to be much less then what “Could” be required.   I would suggest getting at least 50k in insurance (check to see what the company offers as part of their basic package).

Ransom Mail

Recently there was a company that prompted people cheating on their significant others.  That site was hacked and nearly 50 million unique users were identified.   A number of emails are now being sent out to people (many who were not part of that site or never even heard of it) claiming they were found to be on there, and all their friends and family would be told about their misdeeds.

The people claim they can let all your friends and family members know about this via facebook.  All you have to do is send 1 Bitcoin  (a nearly untraceable electronic currency used on the internet with a currently value of around 231USD per coin).

What they are really hoping is that someone, guilty or not thinks it’s just easier to pay the person them have the possible reputation hit based on the traffic.

How wide spread is this and other forms of Ransom Mail?   I operate 10 email accounts that are not connected to a real user (known as Honey Pot Mail Accounts), a real Facebook identity and on a number of different mail hosts (Gmail, Comcast, yahoo…ect).  Across these various accounts I have seen it occur on all but one, and in many cases seen it occur between 2 and 5 times in a single day.

What should use do if this happens to you?  In most cases, you can ignore them.  They are simply spamming millions of people hoping a few people decide to go ahead and send them the money.

In the State of Illinois, you can also report these issues (Should you be concerned about them or should they escalate) to:

Office of the Attorney General

Hon. Lisa Madigan

Phone: 312-814-3000


Another useful resource would be:


Official Looking Phishing Emails

Phishing is the attempt to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and sometimes, indirectly, money), often for malicious reasons, by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. The word is a neologism created as a homophone of fishing due to the similarity of using fake bait in an attempt to catch a victim.

Recently there have been a large volumes of emails coming from Banks, IRS, Homeland Security and other organizations talking about problems/issues that may be occurring with your account/personal data/tax returns.  They normally want you to go to a website and enter your personal information and/or need some data about you that seems harmless (Often to later ask you for more detailed data).

In almost all cases, organizations like this, would contact you via mail or certified mail to let you know that information is needed.  If you are still concerned, do not use the phone number or email address provide as part of the email, but instead go to the agency website and lookup a number to call and verify the email.

Michael S. Wherry, CISSP, MCSE, TOGAF 8/9, DCT, MCNE

Director of Compliance, 1to1 Card

Unison Wealth – What You Need To Know (Part 2)

Note: If you haven’t read part 1 of this Unison Wealth article, click here to read it now.

Actually the correct title is: Does anyone really know who is behind Unison Wealth? Here’s why:

When the domain name was first registered, it was registered to:

Registry Registrant ID:

Registrant Name: SIDHANATH SING

Registrant Organization: UNISON

Registrant Street: 439, JHARKAND

Registrant City: DHANBAD

Registrant State/Province: MAHARASHTRA

Registrant Postal Code: 120078

Registrant Country: IN

But before the program launched all the registration information was changed to private. Simply meaning they didn’t want anyone knowing who is behind Unison Wealth. This alone should be a major red flag to you. After all it is your money they are asking you to give them to pay you, so why all the secrecy for such a “legitimate” company as they like to portray themselves. But it gets even better.

So let’s just take that Sidhanath Sing is the admin of Unison Wealth. Actually several people have credited him with being the admin of Unison Wealth. The only problem is that questions have been raised about the address given when the initial domain registration took place is a bogus address.

Sidhanath Sing’s Revealing Statement

Now let’s talk about Sidhanath Sing. To do so I must remind you of a statement about the introduction of the program on Money Maker Group the claim was made about a matrix program that, and I quote:

“3 Years Ago A Cycler “PAID THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS” TO Members PASSIVELY For Months!”

So why is this important? Well, three years ago there was another matrix program that claimed to do most of the things that Unison Wealth says it is offering called The Golden Path. This program was launched back in March of 2012, hmm about 3 years ago, and only lasted until around August before they had payment problems and it disappeared in late September. OK, so what does this have to do with Sidhanath Sing? Well the person whom they gave credit to for developing the program and was the mod for the program was none other than Sidhanath Sing. If you compare the two programs you will see it has his M.O. all over Unison Wealth.

Sidhanath Sing – No Stranger To Ponzis

Between being the mod for The Golden Path and now launching Unison Wealth, Sidnanath has been no stranger to Ponzi’s. He was one of India’s top promoters of the Banners Broker Ponzi which got in legal trouble in India. About the time Banners Broker encountered all its legal problems in India, Sidhanath Sing suddenly moved and it is now claimed he is living in Oman. Kind of makes you wonder why the sudden change of address doesn’t it?

So now we know that all registration of Unison Wealth is hidden from public view, and as stated in part one, since not only is Unison Wealth an illegal pyramid scheme it is also a security/investment. This means it must be registered with the SEC and whoever the admin or someone official is in the organization must also be registered and licensed to sell securities with FINRA. Of course neither of these registrations exist, or for that matter is Unison Wealth registered to do business anywhere it is accepting members; which makes it an illegal program in its own right.

But here’s the real problem: You have no clue where your money is going or what it is being used for besides the promise they will pay you a 440+% rate of return. They are private for a reason.

They don’t want anyone knowing who is all behind this program or what they are up to with the money. That should be a major red flag.

Suckers Wanted – How the Game is Played

But as one poster put it to me, and I quote: “Does anyone really care LOL. We’re all making money here and the smart folk who play these money games know the game. Gotta love good Ponzies.”  Or as another put it, and I quote: “Who care who the admin is or where does he located??? We are making money and we are happy.”

Now what the first quote said is exactly how these programs work. Did you catch it? Here’s what I am talking about: “The smart folk who play these money games know the game” and they are right. They know you get in early and get out early. You sucker the uneducated about how this game is played by telling them how great the program is, how honest the admin is, it is paying, it will last a long time, etc., etc., and sadly these are the ones that will lose all their money. And yes to the promoters and players in this arena, it is a game. They just don’t tell you how the game is played. For if they did you wouldn’t play.

You see you really don’t know where you are in the matrix. You only know what the admin shows where you are in the matrix. That does not mean that is your real position. As the saying goes, most of the time it is nothing more than just numbers on a screen. This was the partial title of a book written by a good friend about the PIPS saga back in 2004-2005 that was a huge Ponzi run out of Malaysia. They do this to keep you in the game and believing in the program that you will get paid over and over, when it is all a smoke screen and not real.

How Much Longer Will Unison Wealth Continue to Pay?

The truth is no-one knows how much longer Unison Wealth will continue to pay except the admin. I have provided my best guess estimate based on the numbers and the amount of money being put into Unison Wealth, but it is just that a guess. It could collapse next month if they feel the authorities might pounce on them, or until the end of the year. This should also be a major red flag to you not knowing how much longer it will last. I can tell you that for every day that goes by, the shorter the time frame is before they do run with the money if the authorities don’t shut them down

Remember, every time a new member joins, the number of people needed to pay these new members is at least 44 new members joining. Let’s say that there are 120 new members who join now. That means for all 120 to get paid there has to be at least 5280 people who must join for this 120 to get paid. Do you think this will happen? See what I mean how each new member makes the liabilities go up exponentially?

Let me now go back to what I mentioned in part one about The Achieve Community. Their promise was for every $50 you invested with them, they would pay you $400, a return of 800%. This meant that for every member joining, they had to have 8 new members joining. So using the same number of new members of 120, this meant that for those 120 to get paid, Achieve had to have 960 new members joining. See how it makes no difference what the rate of return is that for the new member joining how many other new members it takes for them to get paid.

Now you are probably wondering why I chose 120 new members in both examples. It is very simple, 120 is the number of new members that Unison Wealth said that had joined in the last 24 hours. This illustrates why these matrix programs cannot last for any long length of time as the numbers totally overwhelm their ability to keep paying as promised.

To stop the damaging effect of the members that “hit and run”, a new withdrawal policy was implemented according to a partial Admin Update which said:

“At UnisonWealth, it is our responsibility to ensure that the mistakes done by other programs are not done here and that is what makes a program different from others. One of such “In-built Errors” in most of the passive programs is that they are not balanced in respect of distribution of income amongst the members. Though, we have designed our system in a manner that this doesn’t happen in UnisonWealth but there is always a room for improvement. Therefore, we areimplementing a New Withdrawal policy with immediate effect.

As per the new policy, ONLY after a member who has recovered his/her amount deposited, he/she will get 67% paid of their withdrawal requested, 3% will be deducted towards Withdrawal Fee and balance 30% will go in their own PIF wallet. Therefore, until you recover your amount deposited, there is no deduction apart from the 3% withdrawal processing fee and it is only the members in profit, a part of whose withdrawals will go in their PIF Wallets.

This policy is necessary to balance the system as it will result in the members in profit supporting the system even more as they will either buy more subs from the funds in PIF Wallet or PIF other members. In any case, more and more subs will be bought as members in profit would be forced to buy maximum subs allowed. At the same time, the members, who are yet to recover the amount deposited by them, will be completely unaffected from this policy as they will be entitled to withdraw 100% (minus 3% fee) till they are in profit. This will really set up the program being a level playing field for those who have just joined and, therefore, result in amazing growth and longevity of the program. This program has worked FLAWLESSLY from the beginning.”

Before I explain what they were really saying, let me ask you a question: If this truly has been working flawlessly from the very beginning, why would they need this new rule? The claim was this owner/admin had thought of it all and solved all the problems with a matrix program lasting any length of time when it launched.

Heres’ What They Really said:

If we don’t put a stop to paying 100% of what we promise to pay you this will collapse a lot faster than we thought. We have to keep as much money in the program as long as possible to keep the illusion we are a real program and keep paying. This allows us to suck in many more people so we can keep going a little longer before we run with the money.

For if you truly believe that you can give Unison Wealth $35, do nothing, and they will pay you $1545 you have to suspend all logic, common sense and mathematics.

The Truth About Unison Wealth

Despite all the claims by Unison Wealth and their promoters how “different, unique, and visionary” Unison Wealth is, they are the same old matrix program with a new dress and new lipstick trying to pass itself off as the newest and greatest evolution of matrix programs. Just look up The Golden Path and you will see what I mean. The only difference between The Golden Path and Unison Wealth is the entry fee to join. You see the entry fee in The Golden Path was just $2, which is magically what a mini sub goes for in Unison Wealth. A Coincidence? I think not, but you be the judge.

Note: If you haven’t read part 1 of this Unison Wealth article, click here to read it now.

Unison Wealth – What You Need To Know (Part 1)

Note: If you’re looking for part two of this article Click here.

Unison Wealth – The “Lates and Greatest” Cycler?

The latest and greatest program that is promising fantastic rates of return are the Cycler Programs. The first of these programs was The Achieve Community which promised an 800% rate of return. Yes you read that right. They claimed that they could take $50 and turn it into $400.  After about a four month run, Achieve started having issues. When this happened, there were immediately four new cycler programs to take its place. Of these, Unison Wealth got the most attention, and many from the non-paying The Achieve Community immediately jumped on this program trying to keep their cash flow flowing.

In part one, I will lay out what Unison Wealth is promising, how it is being promoted and why of all of the cycler programs running right now, this one is the worse of the lot.  So let’s jump into the promotion of Unison Wealth.

How Unison Wealth Is Promoted

As with most of these programs, they are promoted on the largest Ponzi boards going today Talk Gold and Money Maker Group, both of which have been named in other Ponzi’s that were taken down by federal law enforcement agencies and the SEC.

Here is how Unison Wealth was promoted on Money Maker Group:

3 Years Ago A Cycler “PAID THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS” TO Members PASSIVELY For Months !

For The First Time After Months Of Dedicated Work Behind…

A Powerful Combination Of “PASSIVE CYCLERs” Where All The Member Gets a FAIR Chance Of Cycling!

UnisonWealth Payplan is based on a Company Forced Matrixwith Daily Subscription BUT with a Revolutionary & Breakthrough Enhancement!

** Each $2 Position has potential of earnings of $103 in Cash and $56 in Subscription Wallet **

** 5 Stages Of 4×1 Earns You $2, $4, $7, $20, $70 Per SUB!

** The KEY is that You ALSO Get ** $2, $3, $6, $10, $35 In Members Subscription Wallet Per Sub across 5 Stages!

** Sponsor Cash Bonus ** $1, $1, $2, $25 You Get Cash Bonuses When Referrals Cycle!

** RECRUITERS WALLET BONUS ** $1, $2, $6 You Get In Sponsors Subscription Wallet When Referrals Cycle!

** You Need Not Pay DAILY and $2 is Deducted Automatically Every Day From Each $35 Sub You Activate **

** No Re-entries – Members Earn Money in Subscription Wallet instead of Re-entries!

** IMPORTANT – No Account will get Terminated for Non-Payment of Subs as already 15 days’ advance payment for subs is taken. No commitment on your part thereafter!

Cash Wallet : Used for Funds Deposit, Purchasing Subs, Earnings and Withdrawals!

Subscription Wallet : Used for Payment of Daily $2 Subs And Gets Deducted Automatically From Subscription Wallet!

Unique Referral Plan – Upfront Referral Commission, Matching Cash Bonus on Cycling of Referral and Matching Subscription Wallet Bonus!

1 Member Can Purchase Maximum 20 Subscriptions !

Each Member can Buy Only 1 sub at a Time!

Only 1 Position per Sub will be Placed Daily!

A Fully Verified STP, PM, Egopay, OK Pay Accepted !

$35 Per 15 Days Subscription!

The Claim:

One of the major promoters of this program had this to say as it was preparing to launch back in November 2014:

“Unison Wealth is a new company forced matrix program that will be launching on Nov 20. I have studied this program very carefully and it is very well designed. This may be the best design that I have ever seen in any company forced matrix program.

The problem with most company forced matrix programs is that they have many re-entries. The problem that this causes is that the people that join first receive many re-entries and flood the the matrix with with their own positions within seconds of launch. Anyone joining after the first few will be placed deep in the company matrix.

Unison Wealth has solved this problem since there are no re-entries. Each position only cycles through one time. This allows people that join later to have top positions in the company matrix. This will create a fair and balanced playing field for all members.

Another problem with subscription based programs is that there are not enough funds in your account balance to maintain your daily subscription requirements. This causes members to lose all of their positions or possibly even lose their account.

Unison Wealth has solved this problem by maintaining two separate account balances. There is one account balance where your earnings are placed. You can withdraw these funds or deposit new funds into your subscription wallet.

The other account balance is your subscription wallet. Each day funds are removed from your subscription wallet and are used to purchase you a new position in a 4×1 company forced matrix. As you cycle additional funds are added back into your subscription balance. As long as you are cycling you mayl never need to add additional funds to your subscription balance.

Unlike other subscription based programs you will not lose your account if your subscription expires for lack of funds. You will continue to earn on your existing positions.

Each deposit is $35 where $30 of this is placed in your subscription wallet. The remaining $5 is used to pay 3 levels in referral commissions. The cost of each subscription is $2 per day. Once per day $2 per subscription is deducted from your subscription wallet. This is used to purchase you $2 positions in the 4×1 company forced matrix.

Your earnings as as follows each time you cycle…

Level 1 (4×1)

You earn $2.

$2 is sent to your subscription wallet.

Free entry into Level 2.

Level 2 (4×1)

You earn $4.

Your sponsor earns $1.

$3 is sent to your subscription wallet.

Free entry into Level 3.

Level 3 (4×1)

You earn $7.

Your sponsor earns $1.

$6 is sent to your subscription wallet.

$1 is sent to sponsor subscription wallet.

Free entry into Level 4.

Level 4 (4×1)

You earn $20.

Your sponsor earns $2.

$10 is sent to your subscription wallet.

$2 is sent to sponsor subscription wallet.

Free entry into Level 5.

Level 5 (4×1)

You earn $70.

Your sponsor earns $25.

$35 is sent to your subscription wallet.

$6 is sent to sponsor subscription wallet.

Your total earnings is $103 per $2 position.”

Admin Announcement:



I am thankful to everyone who has put trust in UNISON WEALTH and gave it a HUGE OVERWHELMING RESPONSE !

First, I would like to cover certain important points :


Members would notice that Deposit, Purchase, Upgrade links are not opening as these links have been disabled until 24-48 hours prior to launch. Members would be communicated well in advance when such links will open.


Based on suggestion by many members, we are considering addition of more Payment Processors. Members would be communicated of updates in this respect.


Every one will get fair chance to buy the subs. At the Launch, Subs can be bought one by one. I will ensure that there is no pre-loading and everyone will have equal chance to buy even the first position. The same can also be viewed by everyone in the members area where statistics would be given in details (under the link “Next to Cycle”) to ensure transparency.


While designing the program, I reviewed almost all previous daily sub programs thoroughly. What I found that those who joined late were being punished more for (1) their positions were not cycling (b) they were also required to continue to pay for their subs to save their accounts.

After lot of thinking, I came to conclusion that not having a compulsion of paying for subs after 15 days will give freedom to everyone. No compulsion means people will buy even days after launch as they would be fully aware that their accounts are not going to lose even if they do not cycle immediately. They will have a fair chance of cycling due to new purchases and positions coming in from Subscription Wallets of other members, thus continuing to push the system.

In the erstwhile concept of daily subs, members could not be sure as to how much they would end up paying for their subs and when they should stop paying. Say, you start with 5 subs of $2 each i.e, $10 each day, now if you are not earning, still you have to pay $10 each day till eternity. This also forced the leaders to stop promotion as people were losing accounts which created negativity and in turn slowdown in cycling.

Further, once a member earns here, his (and his Sponsor’s as well) Subscription Wallet also earns something, which will help in the cycling going. If one is not earning, his commitment remains limited to 15 days days only. So his commitment is increased beyond 15 days ONLY IF he is earning and not otherwise. That is the key here. Imagine the HUGE POTENTIAL if we all promote together as there is no fear of losing the account at all plus everyone helping each other in cycling.

A lot of hard work has been put in conceiving the concept and making the programming possible. I assure you Top notch support and Super Fast Payments.

That is why the slogan “Everyone Earns in Unison”

Lets together make UnisonWealth Successful !



Illustrating the sheer nonsense of the Unison Wealth program:

Here is what they want you to believe is possible, and remember this is passive which means you don’t have to do a thing for your money to receive this return.

Let’s say that you fund $355, which provides 10 subs.

Each sub will buy 10 spots daily for 15 days.  15×10 is 150.

Each position can pay up to $103 in withdrawn income..150×103 = $15,450

They also tell you that your one-time $35 payment will return you $1545

Now I want to draw your attention to one of the first things that was said about this great new program in its promotion and it is this statement:  3 Years Ago A Cycler “PAID THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS” TO Members PASSIVELY For Months!

Only for “months?”  Yep because these programs can’t last more than 8-9 months before they collapse from running out of people joining to keep paying. The reason is the only way you get paid is for new people to join and in truth they are the ones paying you, not the program. For every dollar you get paid, there has to be at least 440 new people joining so you can be paid your matrix cycle. Real lasting program isn’t it.

Unison Wealth and the Howey Test – i.e. Is Unison Wealth Offering Securities?

But it gets better. Now they are adding a lot of “other products” (ebooks, software, scripts, templates and videos with Master Resale Rights to you) to their mix trying to disguise they are an illegal pyramid scheme, at least in their minds eye, to the authorities.  They can try to add all the bells, whistles and shiny new things all they want but the underlying program is a matrix that is an illegal pyramid scheme, and qualifies as an investment. Which also means they are offering securities according to the Howey Test.  The Howey Test was a Supreme Court decision back in 1946 to determine what is the definition of a security regardless of what it is called. The ruling said:

“In the leading opinion, the Supreme Court of the United States, held that the definition of a security includes an investment contract, which is “a contract, transaction, or scheme whereby a person invests his money in a common enterprise and is led to expect profits solely from the efforts of the promoter or third party.  So if these four elements are present: 1. an investment of money due to 2. an expectation of profits arising from 3. a common enterprise 4. which depends solely on the efforts of a promoter or third party it is a security/investment.”

It makes no difference what you call it, as long as the answer to those four statements is yes, it is a security/investment.  This means that Unison Wealth must be registered with the SEC and anyone offering the opportunity must be registered and licensed with FINRA, who is responsible for licensing brokers who sell securities.  Unison isn’t registered or licensed anywhere to do business for that matter, but this will be addressed in greater detail in part two.

The Unison Wealth Mini Sub Purchase Party Gimmick

The latest gimmick in Unison Wealth trying to keep the money flowing into it was the announcement of a one-day mini-sub purchase program called the mini sub purchase party.  Here’s how this works:

A Mini Sub is a Subscription that any member who has upgraded to a Pro Member can buy. Each Mini Sub will cost $11. Out of this, $10 will go in your Mini Sub Wallet which will get you five $2 positions in the existing Level 1 matrix, one each for five days. Balance $1 is distributed as Upfront Referral Commission in 3 Levels (Level 1 : $0.50, Level 2 : $0.25 and Level 3 : $0.25). The maximum number of mini subs you can buy is 20.

What Everyone Should Know About Matrix Programs

What you also need to know is that it makes no difference what kind of matrix program is being offered, or what they claim is new and revolutionary, only 14% of all money taken in is ever paid out to the members.  It also makes no difference what they claim about how everyone is on the same level playing field, what you don’t know is that the admin, his family, friends, and rewards to the major promoters to get people to join have multiple positions in the matrix at the very top. On average of all matrix programs the top 100 positions totally belong to them.  Still believe this is a level playing field for all the members? But it did sound impressive didn’t it.

If current membership numbers are to be believed, Unison Wealth now has over 13,468 members and their first mini sub party they sold 3,374 mini subs.  Now remember it takes at least 440 members joining after you for you to get paid for your matrix cycle.  I think you can readily see how quickly these numbers will continue to grow exponentially to where it will collapse on its own within the next 4-6 months, if not before. There is no way they can continue to create money out of thin air, which is what they have to do to keep this paying. Once the number of new members slows down, this goes bye-bye.

Now for part two where I discuss who is behind Unison Wealth and why this information is important to you.

 Click here to read part two.