Techniques Used By Hackers Explained

Attacks on individual or corporate computer systems is done via the use of various techniques. It can be done through Denial of Service (DoS), smurfing and spoofing. The aim of the attackers is to harm your computer or interrupt the use of your computer. The most widely used method is called password cracking. When some cracks your passwords, they get unlimited access to the network.

Why Do Hackers Attack computers?

Attackers can be defined as those people who have malicious interest in other people’s networks or systems. Attackers have different motivations of attacking computers. Some of them do it due to curiosity. In this group, we have high school students who are after discovering how to use computer systems for their own benefits. The next one is to revenge. Some former employees who were laid off can attack a network to harm the company.

Cracking a password is not a hard job. No high technology tools are need to succeed in this cracking process. Some attackers do dumpster diving. This is a process of checking your garbage to find any information on your passwords.

Hackers have various techniques they use in order to gain control of your home computers. These are the methods I am going to focus on in this article.

The following tools are used to attack a system or network successfully.

We will start with the use of L0phtCrack. This is currently called LC4 method. The method gives the attacker permission to convert encrypted windows passwords and convert them into plain text. Normally these passwords are in symbols and cannot be read without the help of L0phtCrack and other softwares.

Use of Mobile Code

The mobile codes include Java, Javascript and Activex. These are programming languages which are used by hackers and other programmers to write codes which are then executed by your web browsers. Hackers are intruders who use these codes to know which websites you visit most and other information. The hackers can also deactivate Java on your computer.

Packet Sniffing

Hackers use packet sniffers to read information straight from information packets. These sniffers do that by moving over the network. Some of the common data they pick include passwords, your user names and other important information. Hackers then embark on an extensive attacks on systems across many networks. This is one of the favourite method used by intruders because no admin passwords are required to install this program in any computer.

People who use cable modem to access the internet are more exposed to packet sniffers because they use the same Local Area Network.

If the hacker installs the program on any one computer in the network, he/she can access any kind of data transmitted by all other computers connected to the network.

Using Trojan Horse Programs

This is a program which tricks you into installing unknown programs on your computer. Some people call it social engineering. The hackers can get access to the information on your computer without you knowing it. Once permission is granted to them, they can change the way your computer system works or just introduce a virus which can destroy your precious files.

Use of Remote Administration Programs

This is common on computers using windows. There are tools which facilitate intruders access to computers in a remote manner. These tools include: NetBus and SubSeven. These programs once installed in your computer, hackers can access your computer whenever they want.

Using Denial of Service Technique

This is a program which makes your computer to crash and hence make it impossible for you to use it. The common characteristic of this hack attack is that your computer becomes extremely busy processing data. The attackers can equally use your computer to attack other computers in the same manner.

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Top Security Breaches In Recent Years

Binary Data SmallBreaching cases are now all over, and people are even more sensitive in this matter. In the recent past, security breaches have been a rising trend, leading to loss of truly valuable information. Nowadays, Web sites have developed tracking systems that enable them tell whether suspicious activities are taking place. There are even people who have specialized in spyware detecting and removing spywares from PCs and other gadgets! Here, are some of the top security breaches in recent years.

Heartland payment system

This incident occurred on March 2008 where more than 134 million credit cards were exposed by installing spyware on Heartland’s data base system. It is said that the hackers used a method called SQL injection to install the spyware. The best thing about this case s that culprits were captured one after the other and sentenced to imprisonment. One shocking fact is that this method of injecting spyware was all over, and security analysts had warned the public about it over and over, but they ignored.

TJX companies Inc.

It took place in December 2006 where hacker accessed more than 94 million credit cards. No one knows precisely what happened in this case, but there are conflicting suggestions of what could have happened. The network system of TJX was not protected by a firewall. Therefore, hackers took advantage of one of the weak encrypt data system and stole credit cards belonging to millions of clients. This was done during a wire transfer between and hackers broke into the TKX`s system and stole all the credit cards.


This incident happened on March 2011. Hackers exposed people`s private details which included, email addresses and names in financial firms and organizations. Till now nobody knows what really happened because the hackers were very smart. Epsilon is known to handle billions of emails per year. Therefore, the loss is estimated at billions of dollars, and it said to be one of the biggest security breach that has ever happened.

RSA security

This incident took place in March 2011.More than 40 million employees’ records were stolen. Though no exact means in which hackers used to acquire the records has not been deduced, it is believed there were two groups of hackers who collaborated with the foreign government. They were able to get access to the company`s network system and stole the employees` records.


This incident was planned for quite a long time with utmost patience.The plan began as early as 2007 before basting to a reality in 2010. The main aim of the hackers was to attack Iran`s powerfulprograms that had been established, and was on the run. This was as a result of industries, precisely the nuclear industry moving to the world of internet networking. There, hackers are able to install spywares.

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How to Hack the Mercedes Benz Navigation DVD

If you drive a Mercedes Benz car then the chances are that it will come with the in-dashboard Mercedes Navigation System.  The device is fully integrated with the entertainment console and offers turn by turn directions with accurate maps and routes.  In order to keep the maps up to date you will need to purchase a new Mercedes Navigation DVD once a year with costs approaching and sometimes exceeding two hundred US Dollars.  Because of this high price a lot of drivers and customers of the car attempt to download or hack the Mercedes Benz Navigation DVD so they won’t have to pay for updates.  This article examines whether that approach is worth it, and whether you should consider doing it or not.

Hacking the Mercedes-Benz Navigation DVD is Illegal

Before you even consider looking into this, you need to be aware that hacking the Mercedes Benz Navigation DVD is illegal and could lead to fines and prosecution.  This is reason enough to not even attempt it, but if you are still convinced that this is the route you wish to take then read on.

Some websites are on Google that promise they can help you download a new 2012 version of the Mercedes GPS updates disc.  They will tell you that you can download the content via a series of zipped files presented on torrent based websites usually based on servers located in Russia.

You Could Infect Your PC or Mac with a Virus

If you try to download these dodgy Mercedes-Benz GPS map updates then please be aware that they will not work.  For a start you will not be in possession of a serial number that is unique to you and your car.  That’s the first stumbling block.  The second issue is that these files typically contain computer viruses and Trojan Horse programs that are designed to hijack your computer for nefarious purposes.  The upshot is that you won’t get new Mercedes-Benz navigation updates and are also more likely than not just going to damage your PC or Mac as well.

Conclusion on the Mercedes-Benz Navigation DVD Hack

To conclude, you should never attempt to hack the Mercedes-Benz navigation DVD.  It is simply illegal, and will never work no matter what you do – so please ignore any websites that tell you that this is possible.  It is not possible and if anything could damage the GPS in your Mercedes-Benz and invalidate and guarantee or warranty that you might have.

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